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Poetry Projects

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Poetry can be a great way to express yourself once you get into it. We will be studying various kinds of poetry such as haikus, acrostic poems, free  verse and Shakespearean sonnets. See some explanations and examples below....

HAIKU (easy)

  • A true haiku is expressed through a lens of nature
  • It has only three lines
  • The first line has five syllables, the second has seven and the third has five again.


Here is an example:

The wind blows fiercely

Ev'ry step I take painful

Parched earth beneath me


~Ms. K, 06/13/2010


* Notice how the presence of the wind and earth give the poem some elements of

nature, necessary to a true haiku. Also notice how the author takes a syllable out of

the word "every", spelling it "ev'ry" in order to make the second line seven syllables

so that it will fit the way she wants it.


more examples



ACROSTIC (easy)   

FREE VERSE (difficulty depends on assignment)



SONNET (hardest)



Files, Assignments and Powerpoints


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